Avid Street machines Specializing in 1950-1972 classic American automobile concourse restorations! We can do everything from Full frame off body, Metal fabrication Auto body and paint, custom interior, engine & trans upgrade or rebuild! Avid Street Machines started off as a hobby of mine that I inherited from my roots of growing up in Flint Michigan the motor city! mostly everyone there always worked on their hot rods in the winter time and enjoyed them in the summer time. I have 14 family member that worked at General Motors and retired from there. I actually worked at Buick city for about a year before moving to Florida. Being a Avid car enthusiast was something that was in my blood from day one. I learned some of my skills from being around helping people working on their cars but mostly I’ve been self taught. If you look at my website and resume you will see the attention to detail and high-quality restorations that come out of my shop. it’s all or nothing is my matto I won’t touc